How to use Peter Answers – tips and tricks

If you’ve ever used virtual tarot websites to learn more about your future, you may have heard of the virtual tarot website Peter Answers.

If you don’t already know how to use Peter Answers, you might not realize that it is nothing more than a joke website. And if your friends don’t know, just tell them that this is another virtual tarot website and you can play the funniest prank on them.

What is Peter Answers? This is a joke

Peter Answers (also known as Ask Peter) is a website presented as a virtual tarot site. Typically, virtual tarot sites are those that use tarot cards to predict your future. All you have to do is enter the question you would like to know about the future and Peter will give you the answer to your question.

Allegedly Peter Answers you the truth about your future. And it’s surprisingly accurate.

People usually come across Peter Answers when they are introduced to him by a friend. And usually the answers are so accurate that it’s scary.

How does Peter Answers work? The accuracy of the site is due to the fact that this fortune telling site is a complete joke. And it’s a friend’s joke that introduces a person to a website.

In this article, you will learn all the secrets of Peter Answers so that you can use it to prank your friends.

How to use Peter Answers – tutorial

When you first visit Peter Answers, you will see a simple website with two fields. The first field is a Petition box and the other is a Question box.

The rule you should tell your friend is that to get an accurate answer from the site, you must first type in the petition box: “Peter, please answer the following question.”

You should also write this petition for your friend. However, instead of typing these words, you’ll type a dot “.” and then the answer to the question your friend is going to ask.

For this to work properly, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Ask your friend what he wants to ask Peter the Answer.
  2. Explain that you need to type the petition before they can ask Peter the answers.
  3. Enter the secret answer to the question that is enclosed in dots – enter “.” before and after the petition. The petition field will not reflect what you actually type. “Peter, please answer this question” will appear instead.
  4. Ask your friend to enter a question in the Question box and select Send.
  5. Peter will finally display the correct answer you entered in the petition field.

As you can imagine, Peter seems to have the perfect answer to every question. And the reason for this is that you give Peter the answer before the question is even asked!

Using the Peter Answers mobile application

Since the Peter Answers website is fairly simple, with only two text fields to fill in, it makes sense to have a similarly simple mobile app.

If you want to prank your friend using your mobile phone then you can download peter answers mobile app for your android phone. There is currently no iOS app available for Peter Answers.

The mobile app works just like the website. You enter a petition in the petition field by placing a dot “.” (using the dot key on the keyboard). This will be the answer your friend will receive when they type in their question and select Send badge.

The Android app is free and is supported by small ads at the bottom of the app.

If you choose the menu, you can see the basic rules for using Peter Answers (of course, only you know the real purpose of the program!)

Create your own Peter Answers website

If you’re a programmer and want to build your own Peter Answers website, you’ll have all the code at your fingertips.

Just visit the GitHub project that contains the CSS and Javascript code needed to code an identical version of the website. Using this code, you can have your own “virtual tarot” section on your website if you wish.

This is really useful if you want to create an alternative version of a sweepstakes website. Maybe use a different phrase for the petition or change the answer in a funny way that will bring the joker back to the “Peter’s Answers” trick!

Other services such as Peter Answers

There are a number of other virtual tarot sites that operate similarly to Peter Answers.

  • Love Calculator: Wondering who your friends are in love with? Use this site to link to a “love calculator” that will tell them how much their crush loves them. Once they tell the calculator the identity of their crush, it will email you the answer!
  • Hacker Typer: Have you ever wanted to type code as fast as the super hackers in the movies? Impress your friends by opening this website and just typing randomly on your keyboard as fast as possible. The site will make it look like you’re writing rich code just as fast.
  • My Answers: This is a fake site that works just like Peter Answers. However, if the actual Peter Answers site ever goes down, this is the perfect alternative site to play the same prank on your friends.
  • Ask Jude: This site works in a similar way to Peter Answers, but it will display a “Jude, please answer the next question” petition when you enter an answer to your friend’s question between periods.

Should you joke with your friends about Peter’s answers?

Peter Answers is a harmless site that will trick your friends into thinking the website has psychic powers, at least for a few minutes. It’s definitely less harmful than many other pranks, so why not give it a try and see if you can fool your friends.

After all, once you let them in on the secret, they’ll have just as much fun playing pranks on their friends!

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