How to create and manage Instagram collections

Instagram has always been about sharing images with other users. But what if you want to save someone else’s photo or video to view later? Previously, this was only possible if you uploaded photos from Instagram. Now you can use a feature called Instagram Collections.

Save posts, photos, and videos from other accounts, organize them into collections, and view, share, or download them later. Here’s how to create and manage your Instagram collections.

Why Use Instagram Collections?

Instagram Collections is a feature that works just like Pinterest. This allows you to save posts you find interesting for future reference. This can be useful when you come across a product or service that you would like to purchase or use, but don’t have time to do so right now. You can “pin” and save for later.

Alternatively, use Instagram collections for inspiration. Find ideas about items to buy, future travel destinations, or plan a marketing campaign for your own products and services.

Finally, Instagram Collections lets you save posts from accounts you don’t want to follow. Whether it’s an acquaintance you don’t want to keep in touch with, or a business account you don’t want to have posts in your feed. Now you can follow them without letting them know.

How to create Instagram collections

Before you start organizing the posts you save on Instagram, you need to create your first Instagram collection.

  1. Open your Instagram profile and click three vertical lines menu button.
  2. Select saved.
  1. Click on Plus sign. If you already have saved posts, you can immediately add them to a new collection. When you’re done, click Further.
  1. Enter the name of your first collection and click to add (Android) or done (iOS). Here you can also choose a cover image for your collection. Click Change cover and select an image from one of the posts you’ve already added to the collection.

Create new collections while browsing Instagram

You can also create Instagram collections while browsing, saving posts you like. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Find a post you like, then tap and hold Bookmark button in the lower right corner of the publication. This will open Save to menu.
  1. IN Save to tap the menu Plus sign.
  1. Enter a name for the new collection and click done.

How to manage your collections

Instagram collections live in your saved posts. You can view, edit, add and remove posts from them at any time.

Add posts to your collections

Adding posts to your Instagram collections is easy. All you have to do is press and hold Bookmark button when you find the post you want to add. Then select the collection you want to add this post to. Instagram allows you to add the same post to multiple collections.

Alternatively, go directly to one of your Instagram collections, tap three vertical points in the upper right corner and select Add to collection to add posts from saved.

Remove posts from your collections

To remove a post from the collection, go to your profile and open saved posts Then go to one of your collections and find the post you want to delete. touch Bookmark once to remove it. From the pop-up menu, you can choose to remove the post from this particular collection, or to remove it from your saved posts altogether.

If you want to remove multiple posts from the collection, tap three vertical points in the upper right corner and press Select. Click the posts you want to delete, then select one of them remove them from the assembly or move them to another.

Edit your collections

Open the collection you want to edit and tap three vertical points. Select Edit collection and a menu will open where you can change the name or cover of your collection, or remove the collection entirely from your Instagram account.

Get creative with Instagram collections

When you first start using this feature, your first thought might be to use Instagram collections to create themed groups of posts or images for later use. For example, create a foodie collection to collect all the recipes you want to try at home, or an exercise collection to save all your workout posts for motivation.

You can get a lot more out of this feature if you try to get creative with your collections.

  • Plan your future travels with Instagram collections

Many users post reviews about the tourist destinations they visit. If you follow travel blogs on Instagram, you probably know that they often share promotions and travel deals with their followers. A collection of places you’d like to visit will not only save you travel planning time, but can potentially save you money.

  • Turn your collections into mood boards

If you’re a visual person or someone who needs to visualize the entire plan of action before starting a project, you know how helpful mood boards can be. If you have an idea or thought about a topic and need to visualize it, create a special Instagram collection for it. This will help you progress and develop your idea.

  • Use collections to track your competition

If you have a business account on Instagram, this feature can help you track your competition. You can view and save your competitors’ posts without following them. And because your collections are private, they won’t know what you’re watching.

Get the most out of Instagram

These are just a few examples of how Instagram collections give you more options in the app. If you want to improve your Instagram experience even more, you will have to dive deeper into the app and in some cases use third-party apps.

What would you use your Instagram collections for? Share your thoughts and ideas with us in the comments below.

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