6 Best Collage Maker Apps for Android and iPhone

A few years ago, you had to manually edit and arrange two or more photos to create a beautiful collage. Today you can use a collage maker and instantly mix all your photos into a cool photo collage. Some of the best collage maker apps also allow you to add animations, music, video clips, or text.

Whether you’re creating a family album, working on a project, or want to turn your photos into cards or posters, the following collage maker apps for Android and iPhone will get you great results.

The best collage maker apps for Android and iPhone

1. Photo collage (Android, iOS)

Pic Collage is a photo collage app for Android and iOS devices that offers dozens of patterns, backgrounds, templates and grids covering a variety of genres and categories that you can use to create a collage. The program has an intuitive layout, so you can quickly create your collage and easily share it on social networks.

A built-in photo editor is included to help you touch up photos, apply doodles, effects and picture frames.

The free version of the app has ads, but purchasing a subscription removes the watermark and ads. The premium version of the app also gives you access to additional features such as stickers and layouts.

2. Canva (Android, iOS)

If you want to create professional-looking collages, Canva is a great choice. The app offers a wide range of tools, features and templates, and its workflow is fast and easy with consistent results.

The app lets you resize your photo to create a collage to share as a banner on Facebook or Instagram Stories.

When you tap the platform you want, Canva will display several customizable layout options with sample text and images. This will help you visualize how your photo collage will look and edit them to your liking.

Choose the photo collage template you want, add text or graphics to the photo, then upload it to your device to share.

3. diptych (iOS)

If you want a photo collage maker that offers creative custom layouts, try Diptic.

The app offers a variety of templates to help you tell a better story with your photos. Among other settings, you can adjust the color and size of frames, cell borders, and fonts.

Diptic lets you combine photos, live photos, and videos into one template. You can specify video quality, apply various adjustments to your photos, add a song from your iTunes library, and save your own layouts for reuse.

You can combine up to nine different photos in one collage and use over 200 layouts to create a collage and share it directly on social networks.

Diptic is a premium app that costs $2.99. It gives you additional texture packs and layouts, fancy designs like waves, hearts and peace signs, and removes watermarks.

Diptic offers classic and framed layouts, as well as animated highlights to help you create unique collages.

4. Moldova (Android, iOS)

Moldiv is a free collage maker that lets you refine your image before uploading it to stylish frames, layouts, or magazine covers.

You get access to photo editing tools such as cropping, exposure, sharpness, brightness or color and more than 180 filters. The app also allows you to combine up to 16 photos into one collage and choose from over 300 frames.

A professional camera is included so you can take photos and videos.

Although Moldiv is free, it has intrusive ads and annoying prompts to update, and it’s not as user-friendly as similar photo collage programs.

5. Photo grid (iOS)

PhotoGrid is one of the best collage maker apps for iPhone that promises a fun and creative collage experience. The app offers 15 modules that include Snapchat styles, classic collages, Scrapbook, 3D cards and filters that add decorative elements to your photos.

You can choose templates in the app based on their aspect ratio to create photo collages for social media. After placing your photos on a frame, you can change the background, add stickers, or try different frame shapes instead of the usual rectangular or square frames.

PhotoGrid lets you add 15 photos at a time, and you can choose from over 300 grids, over 200 poster templates, and over 100 filters and effects to make your collage unique.

The app is free, but it has ads. You can upgrade to the premium version to remove ads and get premium updates.

6. Layout (Android, iOS)

Layout is one of the best Instagram collage maker apps. While it may not have as many features as its counterparts, Layout keeps things simple, convenient, and intuitive.

You can use up to nine photos with 10 different layout styles, frames, borders and editing tools to customize your design before sharing your collage with others.

Once you enter the layout, you can select the photos you want to use and they will appear in different layout options. You can then rearrange the images, resize the frame, replace the photos, or reorder them using the Mirror or Flip tools.

You can also choose Borders to try out a new layout, and when you’re done editing, save the collage and share it on Instagram from your device.

Although Layout has limited layouts and doesn’t have as many settings as similar apps, it’s free to use, easy to understand, and ad-free.

What’s your favorite collage app for Android or iPhone? Tell us about it in the comments.

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