5 Best Anonymous File Sharing and Hosting Sites

It’s never been easier to send data to someone over the Internet, but using a cloud service (or email) to send sensitive data can be a mistake. There is always the possibility that someone can intercept this data, and in some cases it can lead to disaster. In many cases it may be better to transfer the data to someone in person using a secure storage method, but often this is not possible.

The good news is that there are several anonymous file sharing websites that allow you to send files to other people without requiring any information about you or the recipient. They don’t care about your identity or what information you’re trying to send. These are some of the services we think are best suited for your initial cloak and dagger routine.

How much does “Anonymous” mean “Anonymous”?

Before you start blithely sending highly classified documents to foreign intelligence agents (or just your mother’s waffle recipe), there’s a word of warning. Achieving true anonymity online is actually a difficult task. Although the site may not ask for your name, it can get any information about you without much effort:

  • Your IP address (and therefore your physical location).
  • What browser, operating system and computer you are using.
  • Information about other sites you have visited.

This is just for starters, so if you’re looking for the next level of anonymity, there are a few ways you can solve these problems:

  • Use a VPN to hide your IP address.
  • Use a virtual machine to hide the hardware details of your computer.
  • Use a secure browser (like Brave or even Tor) on this virtual machine.

You should also apply your own encryption to the file before sending it, and then send the password to the recipient via another channel, such as Telegram or Signal.

1. WeTransfer (up to 2 GB free)


  • Easy to use
  • Simple anonymous link exchange


WeTransfer offers two ways to send files. You can enter both your own email address and the recipient’s email address, or you can go ahead and just use the link. The first method can be anonymous if you use a disposable email account. You can do this if you need to see the answer. Otherwise, the reference method is inherently anonymous.

Obviously, if you need to send more than 2GB at a time, you’ll need a paid account. This removes any anonymity. However, don’t forget that you can use a program like 7-Zip to both decompress and encrypt files. Which can then be sent in parts and reconstructed by the recipient.

2. Send GB (5 GB free or €1.99 for 20 GB)


  • 20GB of data sent anonymously is a phenomenal offer.


  • €1.99 is a small amount of money, but it means more effort to remain anonymous.
  • Some may consider the 7-day removal policy too short.

SendGB’s main claim to fame is that it offers a huge maximum transfer size without the need to register and transfer any information. How big? Transfer files up to 20 GB, which is a record amount as far as we know.

The only catch is that you can’t send that much data for free. You will have to pay two euros for the privilege. Also, how can you send something anonymously when you’ve just made an electronic payment?

SendGB does not address this issue directly on its website. They don’t require any registration or information from you and use Stripe to process the payment. We assume that Stripe does not share personal information with SendGB, and neither does PayPal, which is another payment method.

However, if you want to take advantage of SendGB’s great anonymous file sharing offer, we suggest you use a prepaid credit card or virtual card instead of a major credit card. Just to be safe.

SendGB will delete the data after seven days, and then it’s likely gone forever. However, do not forget to encrypt sensitive information yourself, just in case.

3. Uploadfiles.io (ten free simultaneous files of 5 GB each)


  • Up to 50 GB of data sent for free.
  • 30 days of hosting.


  • Creating 10 chunks of 5GB from your data can be a challenge if you’re pushing the limits of the service.

Uploadfiles.io does not walk around the roof by any means. When you type in the URL, you’re immediately presented with the location where you’ll drop your files. The free and anonymous offer here is for a whopping 50GB, but split into ten files of no more than 5GB each. This isn’t a problem if you just use a tool like 7-Zip to split a large data set into appropriate smaller pieces.

Guest users who do not need to log in or submit any information can keep their data for 30 days. This is quite generous as other free anonymous file sharing sites delete your data after a few days. Again, it may take a very long time for your recipients to load the full data set, so it may take even that long.

4. Send anywhere (10GB or unlimited with direct transfer)


  • Innovative solution for direct file transfer with infinite file size.
  • Offers a Chrome extension.


Send Anywhere (also called Sendy) is an interesting addition to this list because of the variety of ways you can send data to someone else. The most interesting of these is their live streaming system. Essentially, your data is never stored anywhere. The Send Anywhere server acts as an intermediary for data bits, immediately removing them when they reach their destination.

The sender receives a six-digit code that the recipient enters. The file transfer between the two devices is then done in real time. In some ways, this is the best way to move data anonymously.

But there are also hosting options, such as the link exchange option. The advantage of the direct method is also that it is not limited in size, while the link method can only handle 10 GB of data.


  • Super, super plain and simple.


  • Him actually basic. Maybe too simple for some users.

File Dropper calls itself the easiest file drop website, and that’s not a stretch. It’s the easiest online file hosting tool we’ve seen.

All you can really do when you visit the site is click the “Upload File” button, download the file, and then share the link. It’s that simple, and if you don’t need anything more than what this site offers, you’ll be very happy.

A message in a digital bottle

We don’t know why you want to send data anonymously, and it really should be up to you. Whether you’re a whistleblower trying to expose corruption or a medical professional sending confidential information to a patient, one of these great services might just be right for you.

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